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Decimal Factor BPO is a captive business processing arm of Decimal Factor Inc. (USA) and Decimal Factor Limited (UK).

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At DF BPO, we offer the entire range of contact centre management services that provide our clients with the most effective management of all aspects of customer relationships.


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We like to develop a very close working relationship with our customers, hence we truly believe in working with your company rather working for your company.

Outsourcing being an integral part of your business, requires a tremendous amount of focus to recreate your own internal procedures within another company and have those processes perform even better than when they operated within your organization. DF BPO strength lies in the managed and call center services industries.

DF BPO provides quick to use and custom solutions focused on voice and data processing services. Having contributed to a variety of international organizations , our management team set out to create a company that will empowers your organisation to focus strongly on your core business areas whilst we unload your organisation off controllable costs, staff retention by ensuring efficient & effective turnaround of project work and increase in revenues.


Reduce long-term operating costs.
Access to real time reporting.
Eliminate the need to find, hire, train and manage a qualified staff.

Mitigates resource planning and turnover risk.
Various models of engagement to give you customized solutions
Open and trusted relationships with clients and their customers
International presence, with offices in the UK, USA & India